Friday, 13 May 2011


The single family residential buidling located in Dublin, on the corner of  Richmond Place and Mount Pleasant Ave Upper.

Another very interesting building made of a nice, very common in the area type of brick.
Very popular recently big openings with timber frame and cladded openable panels, with asymetric vertical bars within the window frame.

Huge opening to the loundge along the boundary wall makes a really fantastic impression, dominates the whole ground floor, and provides more than sufficient amount of a daylight.

Personally I also like the fact that all windows and doors frames are flushed with the external wall which makes the building more simple almost  minimalistic.
The idea of making one of the building's walls a boundary wall, was a really briliant thought.
To sum up I can say that you have to see it to find out how the small architecture can be also interesting and desirable.

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