Monday, 13 June 2011


One of the most spectacular landmarks of Paris after Eiffel Tower, is the Pyramid surrounded with few smaller pyramids , located at the main courtyard of the most famous museum of Paris - Louvre musem.                                                                           

The large, glass and steel pyramid was designed by famous japaneese architect L.M.Pei, as the new  entrance with much bigger capacity of visitors, leading to the underground of the main courtyard , sort of a lobby, the hall with a spiral stairs, the lift in the center and finally to that great monumental museum.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The Structure have been comissioned by the french president   François Mitterrand  in 1984 , and was a subject of many discussions between equally fanatic,  the opponents and the  believers of the architect's futuristic idea.

One can understand why  the discussons were so zealous ; the monumental building of Louvre from the period, required a really grand entrance to the building, on the other hand it had to be quite obscure, not to cover up the existing palace and the glass and steel mixture was the perfect solution - now many architects consider the Pyramid a really innovative design  at those times and everyone agrees that it sorted out the problem with the entrance to Louvre, once and forever.

The shape of a pyramid was from ancient time a symbol of tribute, of something great, sort of a pro - naos, introduction  to the further exploring, to  the most precious treasures .

The designed pyramid of  louvre consists of exactly 666 panes of glass, and that number was often associated with the satanistic cult. This matter was also mentioned in  Dan Brown's " Davinci Code", where the number was connected with the masonic lodge  and also that on of the smaller  pyramides, the inversed one,  is pointing the location of holy grail.

Despite alll myths and legends about construction, location and meaning of the pyramids of Louvre , they are undoubtedely one of the most beautyful and famous skylights in the old continent.

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  1. he is not was only a myth that the pyramid consisted of exactly 666 panes..