Friday, 14 October 2011


Vatican museums were established in 16th century by Pope Julius II
Since then the museums gradually was building up one of the most spectacular collection of art from ancient to modern times. 


The museums were growing bigger and bigger with time and had to be extended by following Popes and the great interiours became a perfect background for such a noble display.

Also the most famous chapel of all times, was erected in 16th century as an extension to the Vatican Palace and decorated with frescoes by Michelangelo Buonarotti Sandro Botticelli, Pietro Perugino, Pinturicchio and others.

Each chamber of the palaces and the Vatican museum creates a fabulous atmosphere and provides a fantastic mystic daylight that lets you admire the heritage of the Italian nation and all humanists.

One can find here masterpieces created in ancient centuries like sculpture of Laocoon and his sohns, the stone statues of the Roman Caesars, lower gods, roman and greek philosophers.

They also have one of the greatest collections of the renaissance paintings and frescoes, a separate chamber for Rafaell Santi's works, including the most famous The School of Athens or Liberation of St Peter.

A numerous works of Leonardo Da vinci can be also found there as well as the works of artist of modern time representing new styles in art, like expressionism, impressionism, abstract art, dada, cubism and many more.

Personally I prefer this museum to the Louvre Museum in Paris as visiting the Vatican chambers make you fill like Alice in wonderland. - a bit lost but really amazed.
Truly breath taking experience.Strongly recommended

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  1. Es todo una maravilla.
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  2. Une merveilleuse architecture... et des photos qui nous enchantent... Merci.
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  3. Special photos, fantastic place!! Regards from Greece!!

  4. Wonderful architecture and fabulously captured.

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  5. Beautifully photographed! I hope to see this place next spring.

  6. I love your pictures...I would love to see Rome someday!

    I will add you on my blog list.

  7. Like you, I love architecture, although your knowledge would put me to shame. I am learning through my photos and those of others. This post reminds me why my sister and I stood in line for a very,very long time to get into the Vatican museum... just stunning!

    I am following your blog, too.


  8. You have a great blog with amazing pictures!! Thank so much for linking me. I will visit you more often.



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  9. Buen reportaje sobre el Vaticano y su arquitectuas. Enhorabuena.

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