Thursday, 17 November 2011


Famous shoping spot in France,essential stop for fashion enthusiasts, a store that was founded in 1893 by Theophile Bader and Alphonse Kahn.

Originally located at Rue La Fayette( a walking distance from Opera Garnier), then the building expanded and became a complex of one of the most beautiful stores in Europe.

The buidings were re- designed by architects Georges Chedanne and his pupil Ferdinand Chanut in 1905- 1907 and since then are concidered an excellent example of the unique Belle Epoque - Art Nouveau architecture.

The buildings were constructed of masonry and steel, and its extraordinary internal galleries and balconies, consisting of a dramatic coloured glass dome and lavishly designed staircases, hundreds of floral decorations and curved lines  make visiting Galeries Lafayette a real touristic attraction even if you don't intend to shop.


  1. Oh wow, I haven't been in there for almost 25 years, didn't remember it was so nice. Some of your photos are marvelous!

  2. Must have been quite a feat to have witnessed these things in person. I plan to one day.

  3. Wonderful to see your photos of this beautiful building Galeries-Lafayette. I have visited here and love looking up to see that exquisitely decorated dome. I didn't know it was Belle-Epoque.