Thursday, 5 January 2012


Nowy Wisnicz is a small town in lesser Poland with lots of interesting architectural relicts of the past eras.

This simple in plan church wasestablished by Stanislaw Lubomirski and erected according to Maciej Trapola design in early baroque period 1619-1620.

The temple was built with stone and brick with rendered finish. It had a single nave with butresses supporting external walls, semicircular apse at the end, covered with separate duo-pitched tiled roof, surrounded with the covered walkway - ambulatory.

Architect designed the front- western elevation by dividing it horisontaly with the stone freize,then the two created storeys were subdivided by wide pilasters and between them, nishes with stone statues of saints , small windows, two volutes, small windows and finally the main entrance door with the stone surround and the founders' familly crest at the top was designed.

The church has an interesting baroque main oltar from XVII- th century, ciborium , baroque side oltars, baptismal font for holy water, pulpit and a barrel vault.

Visiting the church is a lovely break for travelers in middle of their journey to see the most attractive monument of Nowy Wisnicz town, one of the greatest castles in lesser Poland located some 200 - 300 meters away.


Should you wish to see more photos and even 360 degree breath taking panorama views of the temple  see below:,-14.10,88.9,zdjecie,1,32439,Ko%C5%9Bci%C3%B3%C5%82.html


  1. Se encuentra una tranquilidad en estos paisajes e iglesias que son preciosos.
    Un abrazo

  2. Beautiful photographs, a charming place!
    Thank you for this moment!

  3. Eeee tam zdjęcia, szkice trzeba było porobić. :)
    Przecież to aż się chce malować!

    Pozdrowienia z Warszawy,

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  5. Tez mi sie bardzo podoba a szczegolnie ze mieszkam/lem w okolicy ;-)
    I have forgoten to mention I lived nearby ;-)