Monday, 27 February 2012


A heart of Dublin and place of many sports games ( mostly gaelic and international football matches)

This giant structure was designed 1913 by the architec Gilroy McMahon.

The stadium is also a witness of a blody incident in 1920, during the Irish war of independence when armed police entered the stadium and started shooting into the crowd.

The stadium was renovated in 1991, architects designed  four tiers with canopies over supporters to increase stadiums capacity  to 80000 spectators.

In time the stadium became a symbol of dublin and a pride of all supporters despite its not most attractive design.


  1. It is a really interesting structure. It has some similarities to Chicago's Soldier Field, which is a stadium that was dedicated to the soldiers of World War I. It was also renovated and made to hold more spectators about 10 years ago. The result is not that attractive, but it is still a source of pride and a landmark for Chicagoans.

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  4. Wow built in 1913 it is impressive that they continue to renovate and maintain the structure.

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