Thursday, 9 February 2012


Chelsea football stadium is located in Fulham, London, and has a capacity of 41837 watchers.

The stadium a home for such great players like Anelka, Peter Czech, Frank Lampard, John Terry and many more)

 It was used as the venue for Englands most important matches like , FA cups, Chiarity Shield and national team matches.

Although stadium has been recently renovated (1990s ) and modernized , it's design is far from the contemporary look of other footbal pitches in England , like new Wembley, or Emirates.

The stadium was built in 1876 by scotish architect Archibald "Archie" Leitch , who was also responsible for few other footbal stadia throughout the UK then it was re -built and renovated several times.

Quite average stadium with a long history and lots of supporters standing by their stadium and the club - The Blues have a really fanatic footbal fans- quite frankly , I can imagine they are the only people who entirely accept the design of their famous stadium.



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