Wednesday, 1 June 2011


London offers a thousand of attractions to its visitors every year, and one of them, worth of seing is definitely an annualy exhibition of Serpentine Galery's Pavilion, which is usualy constructed by famous architects.

In 2008  we could see Frank Gherys Pavillion, Zaha Hadid pavillion the other years and in 2010  we could see the construction designed by french architect Juan Nouvell.

The architect played with the colour in his design, using the red as a symbol of Great britain, trying to highlight some interesting perspective views, existing landscape features in the park.

Really absorbing and intriguing design and a very fresh idea made the building very pleasant place to stay,spend some quality time with the family or have some rest after an exausting walk along the Kensington Park.#

Realy love the sharp and dramatic character of the installation achieved with the transprent reds and deconstruction of the elements.

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  1. Hi

    I like your site, the concept of blog is really interesting. I enjoy it. Waiting for another post.
    Monia ;-)

  2. nice blog and Place in London :)

  3. unfortunately only a temporary place.This year they proposed a new Pavillion which I am gonna write about in one of my next posts.
    You are more than welcome to visit it, of course ;-)