Friday, 3 June 2011


O2 Arena is a great music theatre located in South -West part of London, at the Southern bank of Thames river and one of the most recognisablelandmarks for the visitors.

Fantastic place for spectactors and artists and really appreciated by the audience as probably the best concert hall in England and even in europe.It is also a very well known place of entertainment.

The structure of the multipurpose indoor arena has been designed by english architect Richard Rogers and formerly was called Millenium Dome/Millenium tent.

Very unusual construction consists of a 52 m high (each meter symbolises the week of the year) canopy made of PTFE coated glass fibre fabric - a durable plastic which form doome shaped cable network supported by 12 yellow poles of 100m height , which is a symbol of 12 ours or 12 month of the year.

Definitely very popular building not only because of its multipurpose functionality but also for its scale, shape and a contemporary design.

One thing is certain; hate it or love it, you will never forget it - do you agree?

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