Sunday, 5 June 2011


The construction  have been raised in 1828 year as a monument commemorating the Duke of  Wellington who was a veteran of the Waterloo Battle.

 The arch have been positioned in a near proximity with the Duke residence called Appsley House - located at the corner of Hide Park .

It has been built by a Decimus Burtun ,and Adrian Johnes has added a sculpture of quadriga ( a roman ancient car or a chariot drawn by four horses in the olimpic games)at the very top of the sturcture.

Called many names : Constitution arch, Green Park arch , this trimphal arch hollow inside,   haused a small police station, now is a museum with th elift and stair to the top level where you can see a panorama of London, corner of  Hyde park, alley of the Green Parkleading to the Buckingham palace, London eye and the westminster abey behind.

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