Friday, 9 September 2011


We have not seen many of Slovakian fortifications but we overheard that this one is considered to be one of the most beautyfull castles in that country.

The building was erected in 13th century on the top of a natural,112 meters high mountain, rock formation called "castle cliff", surrounded by the Orava river.

Consists of a lower and upper castle and also the highest, place of last defense - donjon as most medieval eastern europe castles.

We can also see few tunells drilled within the rock, that link the parts of a complex structure.
The original form of the castle was in romanesque and gothic style but it was rebuilt and extentioned several times by later constantly changing owners, across the centuries.

Very interesting feature of the castle is a baroque chapel with an altar from 18th century.
Visiting this charming place was definitely one of the most exciting things of last holidays,to us :-)
By the way I have forgotten to mention that most of scenes from Nosferatu- horror movie from 1922 was directed here.


                                            You can find more info about the castle here



  1. Hello, Alp from istanbul. I like your blog.

  2. Hi Bolat - Thanks for appreciation - i hope you will like the next stuff - I have got few more aces up in my sleves - hihihi,you will see.

  3. Very neat perspectives and a good place to visit looks like. I have not been to E. Euro yet.

    Dr. Russ Murray

  4. Medieval, better yet, European architecture always impresses me. Pointed roofs and bricked walls are common building facets during the medieval period. There is no doubt why Europe is very historical.