Sunday, 11 September 2011


One of the most often visited landmarks of Paris was designed by french architect and buildings restorer Paul Abadie and the building works started in 1875, finalized in 1914.

The temple was built of travertine stone quarried in Chateau - Landon, which constant emission of calcite make the building flawlessly white after few centuries.

It contains one of the  biggest in the world mosaic presenting the Christ in  Majesty.As the building was raised in XIX-th century- the style of it was determined by the rules of the period and was a free interpretation of the Neo Romano - Bysantine style.

Sounds awfull but I have seen many churches and this is one of the most beautyfull of them and the architectural style stands in sharp contrast with other contemporary buildings of Paris.

The white walls of the basilica on the backgorund of very intensive color of the sky behind, makes astonishing impression on everyone.

The overal design of the edifiec was definitely inspired by churches like Saint Sophia at Constantinople, Saint Apostles at Constantinople, St Marks at Venice.

The edifice plan is based on a greek cross with four smaller domes at each arm/naves of the cross and the dominant dome in the intersection of the naves  - the main nave has a large apse at the very end.

The entire structure is based on a few terraces going down the hill, which makes the building even more magnificent, gandeur.