Monday, 19 September 2011


The Capitoline Hill is one of seven hills on which the ancient Rome was built.The hill had been a very important place for the city from its ancient beginings- both politicaly and religiously but but it became even more important in 16th century when Michelangello Buonarotti redesigned it in a renaissance style.

He designed a new square called Piazza dell campidoglio from then on.

The surrounding three palaces( Palazzo dei Conservatori, the Senatorio,the Nuovo )gained a new Renaissance fasades and became the integral part of the newly designed square .

The Piazza - square had a very interesting pattern of the elipses intersecting with each other in the centre point where also a copy of statue of Marcus Aurelius was placed.

He also added another entrance stairway (Cordonata) with a balusters and statuesof Castor and Pollux that emphasize the importance and the very noble and distinguishing character of the area .

The entire idea introduced by Michelangelo was just brilliant and one of a kind. In a his very own, genius way remodelled the whole place.He took advenage of all the weekneses and imperfections of the place and made it as harmonious and grandeur as possible .

The hill accomodate also such great monuments for Roman and european heritage like Snata Maria in Aracoeli - basilica of St.Mary of the Altar of Heaven - the church built in mid 12-th century over Augustian reign, the rocky scarp from which in the ancient times people accused of treachery were thrown, and at the foot of the hill there are remains of some residential buildings from an ancient rome period.

That is definite must see before you die, place.

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